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Contraband Playing Cards
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Theory11's most intricate deck yet, shielded in gold and black foil.

Designed in the United Kingdom by Joe White, Contraband Playing Cards were inspired by secret societies, conspiracy theories, and everything unknown.

Every single playing card within the Contraband deck was designed from scratch - even the Aces, Jokers, and court cards display attention to detail never before achieved. Over a year in the making - and every minute of it is visible in the final design.

The Contraband interior features an elegant black foil design. The tuck case, and the cards within, are all made in the USA on FSC-certified, ECF paper. Secret imagery is hidden within the design: the lines of the inner flap construct (literally!) a face of mystery.

Additional Information

Contraband Book Lamp
Two very special, authentic, 50-year old books sit on a shelf, one on top of the other. Each book has a secret beyond its original purpose. The top book is a functional lamp, handcrafted complete with a vintage Edison bulb and antique nickel power switch.
As with everything, there's more than meets the eye. Slide the top book aside to reveal a secret wooden compartment hidden inside. Four decks of Contraband playing cards reside within, yours to use or replace with Contraband of your own. Each book lamp is masterfully crafted by N44º woodworks.
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